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Scanning and Archive Service

Scanning & Archive Service in South Jersey

New for 2020: Tab Group Inc is now adding Archiving both digital and physical storage options. As an archive service company in Berlin NJ, We have the capability to offer government level security and options. Contact us for competitive pricing and the safest storage options available.

Benefits of Using a Scanning & Archive Service Company in South Jersey

  • Extreme encryption options that are unmatched.

  • Pickup service using secure vehicles.

  • Digital storage options using world class encryption.

  • Bonded personal handling all materials.

What is archiving?

Archiving refers to the process of moving data or information to a different location or storage medium for long-term retention. This is typically done to free up space on a device or system, while still retaining access to the information if it is needed in the future. Archiving can also be used for backup purposes or to ensure compliance with legal or regulatory requirements. Once data is archived, it can be accessed and retrieved when needed, but it is no longer actively used or updated.

What is a digital archive?

A digital archive is a collection of digital objects that are stored and maintained for long-term preservation and access. Digital archives can include various types of digital content, such as text documents, images, audio files, video files, and other types of media. These archives are typically managed by libraries, museums, universities, or other institutions that are responsible for preserving and providing access to valuable cultural and historical resources. Digital archives are important for preserving digital content that is at risk of being lost due to the obsolescence of technology or the degradation of physical media. They also provide access to researchers, scholars, and the general public to explore and learn from the content that is stored in the archive.

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Tab Inc BBB accredited business profile
Tab Inc BBB accredited business profile

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