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Tab Group, Inc. Has Been Trusted to Take Care of Paper Shredding for Over 80 Years

The Benefits of Outsourcing the Service

There are many benefits of outsourcing your paper shredding needs to a commercial business. Employee negligence or accidental loss of sensitive data information is the main cause for data breaches in the workplace. This being said, in order to maintain a strong reputation as a company, it is important to take the proper precautionary measures when it comes to personal information. A professional company ensures that the privacy and protection of sensitive data information is first priority.

The Benefits as a Company

Not only does paper shredding have a positive impact on the environment, it also keeps your business safe from data theft. By utilizing proper techniques, your company can reduce their carbon footprint while keeping the sensitive information of both the company and customer safe. Maintaining a positive data compliance record is crucial for companies. Once the trust of the consumer is broken from a data breach, it becomes very hard to earn it back. A list of benefits that come when using proper techniques include,

  • Reducing the liability that comes with sensitive data in the workplace

  • Reducing your overall carbon footprint as a company through proper paper recycling techniques

  • Saving money through outsourcing your paper shredding needs with a paper shredding company

  • Reducing overall landfill waste

  • Keeping your reputation positive as a data compliant company

The Environmental Benefits

Tab Group Inc - Shredded paper for recycling

Document shredding does not only protect the private information of both companies and consumers, but also has an enormous positive impact on the environment. Producing paper may have more of an impact on the environment than one may think. Production starts with cutting down trees. Extending further, fossil fuels are used to cut down those trees and chemicals are used to produce each sheet. In order to reduce your harmful footprint on the environment, implementing shredding practices allows for recycling and compose production. Ultimately, this would mean less fossil fuels, chemicals, paper waste and torn down forests.

The Benefits at Home

An increase in identify theft makes at home document shredding a must have process in every household. Without the use of proper shredding techniques at home, it leaves your sensitive information at risk. In order to be able to practice proper techniques at home, you must know what type of documents should be shredded. A list of documents that contain sensitive data include,

  • Bank Statements

  • Rental Agreements

  • Cash or Credit Card Receipts

  • Documents that contain your Social Security Number

  • Old Licenses

  • Void Checks

  • Credit Card Bills

  • Legal Documents

Don’t Trust Yourself to Take Care of Your Personal Shredding Needs? Use a Professional Service

Tab Group Inc - Torn documents for shredding

With as serious of a process as paper shredding is, it is understandable why you would want to outsource the obligation to a pro. There are lots of problems that can go wrong when you shred personal documents at home. From emptying the paper bin, jams in the shredder, all the way to the countless hours sitting by the shredder, the job comes with the need for a lot of patience. Using a professional home service allows for all of those problems to be handled by certified employees who are complaint with both HIPAA and FACTA. The services that are offered include

  • Secure shredding pickup or walk in

  • Precision service

  • Both small and large jobs are no issue

  • Box purges, warehouse purges

  • Mobile shredding

  • Both On-Site and Off-Site paper shredding

  • Personal paper shredding

Have Confidence in the Pros

Tab Group, Inc. in New Jersey understands that sensitive document shredding is a very important job. In order to make sure that all customers feel comfortable using their services, all employees are properly trained and are held to strict confidentiality agreements that ensures no personal information will be wrongfully used.

New Jersey Paper Shredding Service

Tab Group Inc offers top notch service when it comes to shredding documents. Being the first in the business to offer shred events, you can put your trust in Tab Group Inc. The company has been around for more than eighty years and offers a plethora of different services for both home and workplace needs including,

  • Personal Paper Shredding in Cape May County, NJ

  • Shredding Events in Cape May County, NJ

  • Convenient Business Pickup Services in Cape May County, NJ

  • Guaranteed Universal Waste Management Performed Safely and Responsibly in Cape May County, NJ

  • Weekday Shredding in Cape May County, NJ

  • HIPAA Compliant Shredding in Cape May County, NJ

  • National Association for Information Destruction in Cape May County, NJ

New Jersey Shred Events

Tab Group Inc - Paper document

A great way to promote document security practices is to host a shred event. Whether for charity or corporate event, shred events get people together to both eliminate the potential for data theft and to help the environment. A shred event is not only for big companies. There are options for both big and small events that can be done for private, corporate, personal and more. Trained employees will take care of your documents in a safe and secure process!

Pricing is Important!

As with any service, the cost is a top priority. There are different packages for all paper shredding needs. Whether you are a corporation or a one-time home customer, there is a package that is right for you. Call Tab Group Inc in  New Jersey for a free quote and free equipment today!

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Tab Inc BBB accredited business profile

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